Summer Term 2019

Start –   Monday 29th April    
Half term –   27th May – 2nd June
Finish –  Monday 15th July                    

Dear Parents and Guardians


Please make sure all pink t shirts and black leggings are named, every student will be arriving in the same, the children panic if they cannot find these and unable to go on stage to do their final bow. We do have children with  allergies so please no food allowed back stage. My phone will be on silent/or left in my bag during the rehearsals and the show, if possible call someone else that may know the answer unless it is a emergency. A big thank you to everyone during this full on term preparing for the show. The children are so excited whereas I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep. I may be able to organise 240 students in a dance show but my youngest son turned up at school today as the only one not in mufti! Bad mum.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help and kept me going with their kind words and encouragement. I love organising the show but sometimes it becomes very overwhelming. It couldn’t happen without your support. Thank you so much.



Since the school started in 1999 I have offered the 4th class free to each student. I am pleased to say I am now going to offer it per family. Every 4th class is free of charge.

So if you have 2 children taking 2 classes one class will be free or 2 children taking 1 class and the other taking 3 you still get the 4th free. Families taking 8 classes will get 2 free of charge. I hope this makes sense, please ask if you have any questions.



All payment is due in full within 2 weeks of starting the new term. A deposit for each class is due by APRIL 7TH to hold your place. If your child is not returning in the SUMMER  term please advise before we break up. A day before we start back in April is not a terms notice and you will be charged the full terms fee.

If you pay by cheque please can I ask you not to add any information on the back of the cheque as they will not go through some of the new systems in the bank ,all the information should be detailed on the envelope



Please remember the schools code 3333. This can only be used to access the building when Brennan school of dance is using the building .



Please can I remind everybody we do expect the students to wear the correct uniform to each lesson. This applies to the preschool ballet as well, some children are attending with their own uniform which is not fair on the other children who are conforming to the schools rules. Children are turning up without the correct footwear and wearing fashionable items of clothing rather than the uniform, for jazz and Hip Hop the girls know that it is the schools pink t shirt. This also includes hair ALWAYS being tied back before they enter the classroom.



Can parents picking up the older students make sure they are collected on time. We cannot leave students in the dark on their own. Miss Bradley, Miss Land and Miss Steinfeld all have between 40 minutes and 2 hour journey home.



To learn any skill we need commitment from the children. This goes for all the students not just the ones taking exams that term. To reach a good standard of dance and improve your technique and understanding the children need to attend at least 80% of the term. If your daughter or son has missed 4 lessons of the term without a valid reason I will give their place to another student on the waiting list. With the dance show approaching I am getting lots of new students and existing students asking to try a new genre.


The website / information

Thank you again for your commitment to the school.

I look forward to seeing you all at some point during the performances and celebrating 20 years of Brennan School of Dance.


Kindest Regards
Rebecca Tredray