Summer Term 2018


Start –   Monday 16th April 2018
Half term –   28th– 2nd June
Finish –  Monday 9th July 2018                   


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Well done to all the students who passed exams at the end of the Autumn term  I know I repeatedly say it but fantastic results. Ballet exams were all high grades  at 4,5 and 6 level. So many children have given up by then because it gets too hard, well done girls.



Exam Dates    

Ballet Saturday 17th March
Modern and Jazz Sunday 18th March
Ballet Saturday 30th June
Modern and Jazz  Sunday 1 & 8th July


Can I please ask all parents to read carefully exam letters if your daughter or son is lucky enough to receive one. This Spring term it has been a constant battle with attendance and practicing at home  weeks before entering their exam. It is not fair on children who turn up to every lesson but we cannot organize and practice group exercises/dances. It clearly states not attending lessons will forfeit their exam place. I ,like yourself want the children to love coming to class and enjoy their classes. Cramming the exercises just weeks before their exam does nothing for the children’s confidence or my stress levels.     



Since the school started in 1998 I have offered the 4th class free to each student. I am pleased to say I am now going to offer it per family. Every 4th class is free of charge.

So if you have 2 children taking 2 classes one class will be free or 2 children taking 1 class and the other taking 3 you still get the 4th free. Families taking 8 classes will get 2 free of charge. I hope this makes sense, please ask if you have any questions.



Tap classes have been rearranged ready for the show.  Tap will now be a free style class rather than concentrating  on the exam syllabus.



Please remember the schools code 3333. This can only be used to access the building when Brennan school of dance is using the building .



Please can I remind everybody we do expect the students to wear the correct uniform to each lesson. Children are turning up without the correct footwear and wearing fashionable items of clothing rather than the uniform. This also includes hair ALWAYS being tied back before they enter the classroom.



Photographs To be confirmed/March 2018
Rehearsals Thursday and Friday 4th and 5th April 2019
Show dates  Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th April  2019


Term finishes on Saturday 24th March for the Easter break.   No watching the children in class this term.

The website/information

Thank you for all your patience and continued support this term.

Have a Good Easter.

Kind Regards
Rebecca Tredray