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Brennan School of Dance was established in 1999 and has always enjoyed a reputation for first class teaching, along with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  Rebecca Tredray studied at London College of Dance for 3 years gaining her teaching qualifications with the ISTD. After leaving college she danced professionally in Europe and aboard cruise ships for many years. Rebecca started the school from it small beginnings of 22 children at Bromham Lower School in 1999. Two years later the school expanded to Wootton where Rebecca started herself at 3 years old with Diana Williams. In January 2017 classes have been added on a Saturday morning  in Great Denham.   Brennan School of dance (BSD) has now grown into one of the largest schools in Bedfordshire with approximately 250 students attending classes each week and growing!  

The aim of the school is to provide a safe and enjoyable home for budding dancers to enjoy.  Whilst following the ethos of dancers in discipline, technique and an extremely high standard of dancing, we also look to nurture and positively develop an over all love of dance, both creatively and emotionally.  We positively impact on a child’s physical, social and mental wellbeing whilst supporting them on their dance journey, no matter how many classes they may take with us.        

 We pride ourselves in providing a happy and friendly environment that often serves as a lifeline in our children’s busy and sometimes stressful lives.  Past students often visit the school and in several cases have returned to help us with our dance productions. Some of our students are currently studying at professional dance colleges hoping to dance professionally or teach in the dance world.     

 Our passionate teaching team conforms to the high standards set by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D.), the premier international examining body for dance.   This has and will always inspire us to provide Brennan School of Dance  pupils with fun, professional and inspirational classes.  


Brennan School of Dance

Lulu joined Brennan School of Dance for her first Ballet class in Great Denham, 2 years ago.
Happy, full of life, a whirlwind of loveliness, five-year-old Lulu just has a great big smile that lights up the world.  But in January 2018, just months after starting school, she was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma and it had spread to her bones, bone marrow and lymphatic system.

Lulu immediately started chemotherapy and surgery more chemotherapy, stem cell harvest, high dose chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy (which she is currently having) followed.

Her family want Lulu to access treatment in New York – a clinical trial which is showing promise in reducing relapse rates, which near 50% with high-risk neuroblastoma. If that happened to Lulu, her chances of survival would drop to less than one in ten. Her parents are launching an appeal to raise £162,000 by June 2019, and hope Lulu will be in remission at the end of immunotherapy to be able to access the treatment.   During all classes in the week beginning 20th May all students can come to class in mufti/ dressing up costumes or pyjamas to raise money for Lulu’s treatment. I suggest £1.00 per class. I hope you all agree this is our way of helping a family that need our love and support at this very difficult time.   All the teachers will collect donations during class of the suggested week.    

Thank you in advance and I will inform you after half term of our grand total.   

Kind Regards 
Rebecca Tredray


Spotlight 2019
20 years in the making 

A big thank you to all the students for a fantastic show and all the wonderful texts, emails and cards I have received over the last few weeks. Well done to everyone back stage, the show could not happen without your help. It was so relaxed back stage and so many funny moments. 

Thank you to everyone for my beautiful flowers. 

You can still place an order for a DVD and photographs including action shots which are available on line. 
We raised £800 for Smiley Club, Mencap. Thank you. 

Summer Term fees are now due and we will be building lots of the students up to take exams before the end of the year. 

Thank you again. I am so proud of all the students. I feel very blessed that I have achieved 20 years with the school. It has its lows and stress but the joy and sense of achievement its has brought to so many children and myself over the years will never go away.   Precious memories for us all to treasure. 

Rebecca Tredray

Dance Classes

At BSD we pride ourselves on having a very welcoming and supportive atmosphere within the school, offering a full range of classes in a variety of genres. We follow the examination syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D), offering an all-inclusive environment with fun learning being our priority.    

Classical Ballet
Classical ballet is a traditional, formal style of dance that adheres to classical ballet technique. It is known for its graceful, flowing, and precise movements and is particularly good for strength, flexibility and posture.   Babies Ballet Ages 3+. Introduction to Classical Ballet, music and movement.                
Ages 4 - 18. Following the I.S.T.D Classical Ballet syllabus with creative and musical input.  Optional examinations through the grades, standards and Majors   Pointe Work Ages 12+. Depending on strength and standard of the dancer.  

Tap Dancing
Tap Dance is a fun dance, in which the dancer wears shoes with taps on to create rhythmical patterns.  Tap is a high energy, exciting form of dance, brilliant for co-ordination, rhythmical awareness and confidence.  

Modern Dance    Modern dance falls somewhere between Ballet and Jazz.  Whilst technical exercises are followed, it's a freer style of dance which encourages strong use of the body, travel and use of space.  It also encourages the dancer to use various emotions according to the style of music.     Modern Dance Ages 5+. Following the I.S.T.D Modern syllabus with optional examinations through the grades.

Jazz Dance   
 Jazz dancing is a form of dance that encourages a dancer's individual style and originality. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of quick footwork, big leaps and quick turns.  Jazz is usually done to upbeat, modern music and is a highly energetic class.   Jazz Medals Ages 10+.  Following the I.S.T.D Jazz Syllabus with optional medal tests.         

 Our Flexibility class focuses on stretching and increasing flexibility because dancing requires you to move your body in new and unusual ways. Repeat stretching will gradually lead to greater flexibility in all the dance genre. Age 12+                   

 Commercial Hip Hop Dance   
 Ages 10+ Street Dance is an informal style of dancing that is energetic and strong.  Classes are creative and blend original hip hop styles with modern commercial moves to the latest hip hop music.     
Musical Theatre   
 Musical theatre Is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. A fun class where students from 9 years can perform all the greatest musical numbers.  

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Meet The Team

Rebecca Tredray

Associate Member of ISTD
London College of Dance Diploma
CDE and FDI in Dance Education
Dance Teacher at Bedford Modern School
Professional Dancer
Principal of Brennan School of Dance
First Aid

Rachael Bradley

Associate Member of ISTD
Deborah Capon Diploma
Head of Dance at Bedford Modern School
Advanced First Aid

Kym Land

Associate Member of ISTD
Member of UK Cheerleading Association
First Aid

Klarissa DusTon-Steinfeld

DDI and DDE Member of ISTDBA 
(Hons) in Dance Education (Royal Academy of Dance)
Lead coach at Premier Performing Arts

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All uniform is available through the school.  Please call, text or email with your requirements or ask the teacher in class. We will gladly help with any sizing issues. Payment on collection.

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